Prices and Booking

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You can save money by purchasing our Coupons. We have different offers on throughout the year.

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30-minute slot is £8 and a 1 hour slot is £13. This includes 1 dog.

  • Additional dogs

Chargeable at time of booking, when selecting number of dogs, up to 8.

More than 8 dogs? If you wish to book a session for more than 8 dogs, or an event, please message us and we will be in contact to discuss pricing and availability.

Winter prices

Monday to Friday

(excluding bank holidays)


Instructions for field access

  • Houndsville is fully automated so there is no induction on your arrival, all the instructions you will need are all here. (this is to give you the chance to fully enjoy your time at Houndsville and not keep your dog/s waiting too long to enjoy their visit too)
  • After successfully booking your dog walking slot, you will receive a text and email confirming the time you have booked, and your gate access code.
  • When arriving at the field please stay back from the main gate until the previous customer has left the car park, the carpark is part of the booking and is a secure area.
  • When you drive up to the gate, the keypad is situated to the right-hand side. This is where you will enter your code to access the field.
  • Type your access code into the keypad (Your code will only work when your time slot has started). The gate mechanism will click on release. You will be able to push the gate open and gain entry.
  • Please use the metal loop attached to the fence post to secure the gate while you drive into the car park, as this prevents the wind from blowing it shut.
  • Your access code will also be required to depart the field and work for the duration of your time slot.
  • If at a later stage you need to add any extra dogs to your booked time slot, please purchase “Additional Dogs” which you will find in the Coupon Deals section of the website.

Useful information

  •  You can save money by purchasing our Coupon Deals, we have different offers on throughout the year.
  •  The dog shower pumps fresh water up from the water table so takes around 20 seconds to flow, This needs powering with the switch which will run the water for 3 minutes and switch itself off. It will also need manually turning on and off by the tap. The water is also warm.
  •  Our lighting can be switched on with the same switch as the shower pump and will run for 30 minutes on a timer.
  •  There are three poo bins for your use, but not to be used for litter.
  •  The pond is fenced giving you the option as to whether you would like to use this facility.
  •  Two shelters at the top and bottom of the field, just in case the weather turns.
  •  There are various seating areas for your use, some of which have been donated by some special dog lovers.
  •  Please note the nearest postcode is TA21 9PW

Please bear in mind that the gate system is incredibly time precise. If you attempt to enter your code outside of your booked slot the gate will not open.

N.B. Please ensure that you are securely loaded and off-site by the end of your booked time to ensure that the next customer is able to enjoy their own time at Houndsville

You can find our terms and conditions here, and also at checkout.