Book Houndsville

Please prepare yourself for your first visit to Houndsville by clicking here to see how Houndsville Works.

How much does it cost?

On the calendar below you can test different options based on the following to view pricing.

Houndsville is booked in half hour slots. The price you pay depends on:

  • Coupons

You can save money by purchasing our Coupons. We have different offers on throughout the year.

  • The time you book

The standard price for a half hour slot for one dog costs from £8 or 8 coupons. From time to time we have some discounted slots highlighted in purple.

  • The length of time

1-hour slots are discounted by £3 (£13 for 1hr) + Additional dogs.

The number of dogs

One dog is included when booking your slot, and there is a charge for additional dogs.

More than 8 dogs?

If you wish to book a session for more than 8 dogs, or an event, please message us and we will be in contact to discuss pricing and availability.

How to book

Please click the ‘CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO BOOK’ button below and follow the instructions.




How to book

  1. Click on date you wish to book
  2. Select your chosen start and end time
  3. Add the number of dogs you will be taking along
  4. Once you are happy click ‘ADD TO BASKET’
  5. If you wish to add more bookings repeat steps 1 to 4
  6. Once you have entered all of you bookings click on “Basket” to pay
  7. If you have coupon use it here at the ‘BASKET’ page
  8. Next click ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’
  9. You will be asked to login if you have an account, otherwise fill in your details and add a password to create an account
  10. Click ‘Place Order’ and enter your payment details
  11. You will receive a further email to confirm payment
  12. Prior to your first visit to Houndsville you will receive a further email and text with your 5 digit unique personal pin for you to use at the gate
  13. Please note that your unique number will be your personal pin which you will be able to use for any future Houndsville bookings
  14. For further information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.