About Houndsville

Houndsville offers a private area to meet a lot of dog and owners needs, that could not be met on public property without risks.

Dogs that need space from other humans or dogs which if confronted with could cause anxiety and lead to flight across public highways, possibly accidents and dangerous situations, and could cause confrontations and situations that could lead to injury to others or themselves.

Houndsville offers a much-needed space to train and work with a behaviour, without interruptions and distractions.

Dogs that don’t have a great recall or strong prey drive can be exercised safely. Without fears of running off, chasing, trespassing on neighboring farming land, or highways.

Bitches in season can have off-lead exercise, where otherwise have to withdraw from exercise and stimulation for a three week period.

Owners and dogs recovering from illness or post-surgery find the space invaluable to staying safe.

Shift and full-time workers benefit hugely from being able to exercise their dogs before or after work with their dogs in a safe environment.

Lone walkers value the space to feel safe and secure.

Shelter meeting needs for the protection and rest for less abled or more senior visitors.

Groups can meet and give valuable social skills to their dogs and share experiences without distraction or interfering with other members of the public.

This venue mimics real country life public property situations and gives the dogs and owners valuable skills to cope on public property. Please note Houndsville is a countryside venue and surfaces may be uneven in places.

Dog waste is excreted, picked up, and disposed of correctly in the one location limiting risks to others.

Message or email us – houndsville@itsallaboutdogs.org.uk for more information.

Houndsville Weather
11th August 2022, 9:30 am